Abstract Floral Tray

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Abstract Floral Tray

Abstract Floral Tray

Looking for a tray that's both eco-friendly and easy to clean? Look no further than our Finnish-birchwood beauties! We only created 10 trays in this beautiful abstract floral design and each is numbered and signed personally by Ashley!

Our trays are made from veneer sourced from certified sustainable forests, so you can feel good about your purchase. But don't let their environmentally-friendly credentials fool you - they're also pretty darn convenient, thanks to the transparent matte melamine sealing both sides. So whether you're serving up snacks for a party or just carrying your morning coffee to the couch, our trays have got you covered - in more ways than one! 

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About the Art

Feeling crafty and in the mood to paint something new, I decided to put my watercolor skills to the test and create an abstract floral design. With bright and bold hues at my disposal, I dove into blending and swirling them together in a way that felt playful and lively. As the colors melted and mixed, the abstract florals began to take shape, each petal and stem revealing itself like a surprise bloom. The process was light-hearted and fun, and the end result was a burst of playful color that felt like a breath of fresh air. There's something magical about the way watercolors blend and layer, and it was a true joy to let loose and experiment with this creative medium.


This beautiful tray measures at 16 1/2 inches x 12 1/2 inches.


Handcrafted in Finland from Birchwood veneer, sourced from certified sustainable forests. Trays are sealed with transparent matte melamine on both sides, ensuring ease of care. 

Care Instructions

Do not put the tray in microwave. It is not microwave-safe

Do not place hot pots on the trays as it will damage the tray.

Do not use the tray as a cutting board as sharp items can damage the melamine seal.

Always when carrying a tray, use extreme caution.

Tray is sealed with transparent melamine coat on both sides. If some red wine spills on the tray, just rinse it off.

If needed, the tray can withstand to be washed in the dishwasher, but it is not recommended as the colors will fade if done regularly.

Returns & Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item(s) is damaged when it arrives upon shipment. For more information, please refer to our Refund & Exchange Policy.

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